Open your heart to the beauty of co living

The best of both worlds

Co Living spaces always bring people together whilst also affording private bedrooms where you can unwind away from your flatmates. Such experiences are great for young professionals, those relocating to the city and bring about a sense of community and compassion in one's life.


Reduce living costs while growing the strength of your network

Spontaneously share business ideas with co living mates, organize group excursions and grow your network. At HomeStay Delight, we truly value community and sharing. Not only does it make living more economical, it also has a positive impact on your social life. In the current era where people can work remotely and have more freedom of movement than ever before, the co-living experience gives that much sought after fluidity and minimalistic lifestyle, whilst not compromising on amenities and comfort.


Service & maintenance free

Managing and living in an individual rented apartment of your own is taxing and entails great responsibility. With HomeStay Delight, a dedicated community manager is always on-site to address maintenance related issues, repair works and ensure regular housekeeping and uninterrupted access to WiFi, DTH and Laundry.

Short term packages for 7 days and 15 days also available on request!